Australian Team Selection

to be eligible to be selected in the Australian Team & receive an Australian Team Medal the player must meet the "Player Eligibility Guidelines" as per Article 14 of the WEPF By-Laws.

Reference: (only quoting part of)
Article 14,
Player Eligibility, (as per WEPF constitution)
3. No player will be allowed to play for another Country, once he / she has played for any country, unless the player emigrates and takes up the nationality of that Country.

5. Once a player has played for one country in the World Championships, then they cannot play for any other country the following year or subsequent years, except when the player takes up citizenship of that other country....


Mens Team: 1. Michael Scerri (POC). 2. Ben Foster. 3. Alec Evreniadis (Capt). 4. John Wheeler. 5. Dax Wasley. 6. Justin Sajich. 7. Peter Butterworth (V/Capt). 8. Nathan Nemes. 9. Luke Foster. 10. Brent Read. 11. Travis Crawley. 12. Jeremy McGuire and Tracy Butterworth (Team Manager). Eight (8) players will travel to England in 2017.

The 2017 traveling team is; Chris Beagley, Daniel Thorp, David Lynton, Jakk Phillips, Nathan McMahon, Nathan Nemes, Paull Clack, Peter Butterworth and Team Manager Tracy Butterworth.

Womens Team: 1. Sue Bussanich (Capt, POC). 2. Sharron Brown. 3. Kristy Henville. 4. Kolbe Poole. 5. Taylor Meyer. 6. Stacey Tsiakas. 7. Rebecca Smith. 8. Isabella DiGiorgio. 9. Sue McCord. Mickey McPherson (Team Manager). Six (6) players will travel to England in 2017. Lyndall Morphett has also been included, the team now totals 7 players.

The 2017 traveling team is; Kolbe Poole, Lyndall Morphett, Rebecca Smith, Sharron Brown, Stasi Tsiakas, Sue McCord, Taylor Meyer and Team Manager Mickey McPherson.

Masters Team: 1. Wayne Stubbs (POC, V/Capt). 2. Steve Gray. 3. Michael Delahunty (Capt). 4. Steve Brett. 5. Cranne Wrigley. 6. Ian Will. Joanne Brown (Team Manager).

The 2017 traveling team is; Adrian Lancaster, Ian Will, Michael Delahunty, Steve Brett, Steve Gray, Wayne Stubbs  and Team Manager Joanne Brown.

Under 23 Team: 1. Luke Foster (Capt). 2. Ben Foster. 3. Cale Barrett. Joanne Brown (Team Manager).