Australian Eight Ball Federation

2003 Victoria Host State Welcome

Message from Pool Victoria President

On behalf of the Pool Victoria Committee, 1welcome everyone to the Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre and
the Australian Eight Ball Federation's 2003 National Junior Championships. Thank you for your participation,
your interest and support. It's what makes all of the effort put into getting this ready, worth while.

All players have earned the right to participate by proving to be the best in their State. Now they are about to
challenge for the right to be the best in Australia. I wish them all the best of luck in their endeavors.

A big thank-you to those who have helped me in getting this event ready for today's opening. Those people
'are Santo Zappia for gathering sponsorship and the support of shopkeepers to supply discount vouchers
throughout the event and to Heather Zappia for just being there and guiding me through. Without them it
would have been just me and even though J have done wonders in keeping Pool Victoria going over the past
nine months, I could not have done this one without them. Also thanks to Alcocks for the supply' and setting
up of the tables and Consolidate Leisure and Sport for their support.

Another big thank-you goes to Daryl Kee, marketing manager of this magnificent Forest Hill Chase Shopping
Centre, for being so easygoing and supportiye of us holding the event here.

In this Year of the Official, I thank the umpires for giving up their time to be here and assisting in the smooth
running of the event. Good calling to you all.

I am sorry if I have missed anyone out, but if you think you deserve one, a thanks to you also! Good luck to
you all!

Susan Whitten – Secretary Pool Victoria