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AEBF Hall of Fame Criteria

 The Australian Eight Ball Federation, AEBF Hall of Fame Criteria for Induction into the Hall of Fame.

1. Any player or team to be considered for induction to the AEBF Hall of Fame is to have been during the period of consideration a member of the AEBF whether as a direct member or a member of a state/territory affiliate to the AEBF

2. The H.O.F. committee shall consider a player’s or a team’s outstanding service and overall contribution to the game of Eight ball in determination of their eligibility for their induction into the Hall of Fame

3. Without limiting clause 2, the H.O.F. committee may consider a candidate’s individual record, ability, integrity, sportsmanship and character

4. The number of years played as a member shall be a minimum of 10 (a team would be an exception) and shall only be a consideration and not a determination of eligibility

5. Only a player or team will be eligible for consideration

6. A player can be considered whilst still actively playing or after retirement from the game

7. Generally, consideration will only be given to the candidate(s) achievement at the highest level of competition in Australia, representation in an Australian Team and achievement at international level

8. A player shall be nominated by his/her state/territory and a full resume shall be provided for consideration

9. There shall be no special order of precedence to H.O.F. inductees

10. The H.O.F. committee shall recommend to the AEBF as to when and how the inductee shall be recognized