Australian Eight Ball Federation

2021 Event Logos and Text

2021 Event Logos and Text
2021 Event Logos and Text

Good afternoon all,

Please see below the requirements for any representative shirts for AEBF events in 2021.

All these locations are based on when looking at the shirt from the front.

Sleeves for all events

Left hand side (Logos attached)

Quest on Townsend (Ensure backgroud is white)

Commercial Club (Red logo)

Mitchell Billiards (Black and white logo)

Right Hand Side (Optional)

Any state or team sponsors that do not conflict with any AEBF sponsor

Front of shirts (Event Specific)

Font to be used on front of all shirts is BakerSignet BT (Sample attached)

Font can be any size, so long as it is at least 1cm

Font can be whatever colour fits your shirt design

31st Australian Junior Eight Ball Championships

Left hand side

2021 Juniors Logo (Attached)

Right Hand Side

State Logo (Optional)

Player Name and/or Role – One or more lines (Optional)

Australia Cup

Left hand side

AEBF Logo (Attached)

Australia Cup

Albury NSW


Right Hand Side

Team Logo or Name 

Player Name and/or role – One or more lines (Optional)

37th Australian Eight Ball Championships

Left hand side

AEBF Logo (attached)

37th Australian

Eight Ball Championships

Albury NSW


Right Hand Side

State Logo (Optional)

Player Name Role – One or more lines (Optional)

Looking forward to seeing you all at the events this year.

Have a great evening!


2021 Australian Eight Ball Events

2021 AEBF Events
2021 AEBF Events

2021 Australian Eight Ball Events.

Here we go!

2021 Australian Eight Ball Junior Championships 

  • POSTPONED till January 2022

2021 Australia Cup


2021 Australian Eight Ball Senior Championships

  • POSTPONED till January 2022


  • TBA

Vote – WEPF adopt the Supreme Rules

WEPF adopt The Supreme Rules
WEPF adopt The Supreme Rules

The WEPF AGM – 15th August 2020 – 10.00am (UK).

31.     Proposed     WEPF Executive             Seconded
The WEPF are to adopt and promote an new set of Rules known as The Supreme Rules (copy of the rules attached), The rule change will come into effect in 2022 ready for WEPF World Championships.
As part of the proposal the 2022 WEPF World Championships will be awarded to England and held in The Isle of Man.
Members also have the right to bring this date forward for the rule change to the 2021 World Championships should they feel it is advantageous to do so.

The WEPF is currently in a contract with Alitus Services Limited and the WEPF received a sum of money relating to the 1st year of the contract associated with the World Championships 2020. These will of course not take place however the Sponsor has been kind enough for the money to be utilised predominantly for the 2021 World Championships in Birmingham.
The contract has a second phase to it that relates to the second year of World Championships, this will now relate to the 2022 World Championships.
The conditions required for the second phase of the contract that will provide Sponsorship funds of £100,000 are as follows:-
1 The 2022 World Championships are to be held in the Isle of Man.
2 The rule change to come into effect by 2022. (copy of the rules attached)
Furthermore an additional £20,000 contribution will be added to the Sponsorship for 2022, this is solely to help with funding of travel, mainly for the Southern hemisphere Countries attending.
For:         Against:         Abstain:         Pass / Fail


Consolidated Leisure & Sport

Consolidated Leisure & Sport
Consolidated Leisure & Sport

It’s with great pleasure that I would like to extend a warm & inviting welcome on behalf of the Australian Eight Ball Federation, Executive Committee and Life Members, to the 36th Australian Eight Ball Championships, again held at the wonderful Commercial Club Albury.
It is a great honour to be a part of this prestigious event with all States and Territories from around Australia supporting and representing our great sport.
I would like to congratulate all competitors on your outstanding achievements that have led you to this very moment. You should all be extremely proud, and I wish you all the very best. Regardless of the results from this year’s event, one thing you will all take home is fond memories & wonderful moments from this experience. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all Team Managers and Associations in advance for your role in ensuring a smooth transition throughout this prestigious event.
We again are pleased to announce that matches will be lived streamed in the new arena thanks to Cueball TV, enabling family, friends and supporters of your State team to enjoy the live coverage of Australia’s most competitive & prestigious event.
This year we are introducing a new event, the 2019 Australia Eight-Ball Federation Plate. This is a non-ranking event designed to enable all players a great chance to warm up their skills on the first day and an opportunity to showcase some of the local Albury talent as well.  
I would like to take the opportunity to thank and acknowledge our Major Sponsors:

1.    Consolidated Leisure and Sports who market products under the brand name Mitchell Billiards. 
       They have kindly supplied the Aramith balls and Strachan Cloth being used here at our National Tournament. 
2.    The Commercial Club for providing us with this amazing venue and the facilities to be able to host this event. 
3.    Quest Albury & Quest Albury on Townsend for the amazing accommodation and facilities 
To all the major, minor and local Sponsors, we thank you for your continued support and contribution to ensure this event can take place.
And lastly, a very special thanks must go to our Executive Committee and State Delegates for the extraordinary work they have done behind the scenes to make the 36th Eightball National Titles the best yet. Events such as these would not be possible without your dedication, passion and the love you give to the game and our members throughout the year. 
I would like to wish each and every one of you the very best. It is now your time to shine.

Greg Costello
President – Australian Eight Ball Federation 

Australian Eight Ball Federation Committee

aebf logo web 200

The Executive Committee: The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Administrator.

The Development Committee: Media Officer, Junior Development Officer, Rules and Umpiring, Coaching Director, Host President, Promotional Coordinator and Tournament Director.

The Host President of the Member Association appointed to host the next Australian Championships will be appointed to the Executive Committee.

AEBF Hall of Fame

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Below are players who have been inducted in to the Australian Eight-Ball Federation AEBF Hall of Fame – The AEBF and States / Territories thank them for their involvement with the AEBF and 8 Ball at all levels of the sport.

  • Mick Delahunty 2003
  • Natalie Froling 2003
  • Jack Halligan 2003
  • Joy Sullivan 2003
  • Tanya Aitken 2004
  • Steve Hogan 2005
  • Sonny Lister 2006
  • Lyndall Morphett-Vine 2007
  • Avalino De Freitas 2008
  • John Barton 2009
  • Elise Mabbott 2010
  • Alec Evreniadis 2010
  • Australian Mens Team 1996 World Champions – Inducted 2010
  • Margaret Gorski 2011
  • Australian Women’s Team 2007 World Champions – Inducted 2012
  • Gregg Watt 2013
  • Fiona Plummer 2016
  • Sharron Brown 2017
  • Renata Delahunty 2018