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COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 Guidelines
COVID-19 Guidelines

Australian Eight Ball Federation COVID-19 Guidelines (25th June 2020)

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AEBF Guidelines for the Resumption of Eight Ball
Activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Introduction
The Australian Eight Ball Federation (AEBF) is the National Sporting Organisation responsible for the management and promotion of Eight Ball in Australia. The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to AEBF members, operators of Eight Ball venues, players and officials on requirements for the resumption of Eight Ball, and to help them comply with public health guidelines for a COVID-19 safe environment.

In accordance with the gradual easing of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, governments have provided recommendations for a staged return to sport and leisure activities over the following months. Resuming sports must occur in the context of Federal, State/Territory and Local Public Health Authority requirements including the maximum number of people allowed within an indoor venue, which may vary in different states and territories. These government requirements must take precedence over all other forms of advice, including these guidelines.

These guidelines align with public health and SafeWork Australia recommendations for workplaces, and the “AIS Framework for Re-booting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment”. They will be reviewed and updated regularly in accordance with changes to public health guidelines and government requirements.

The level of restrictions in force in each place should be kept under constant review by everyone involved with Eight Ball, and the priority at all times must be to take the necessary steps to preserve public health by minimising the risk of community transmission of the virus. A checklist that organisations can use to assess their preparedness to return to sport is available at:

Communication via member newsletters, posters and signage within venues will reinforce COVID-19 related policies and procedures, and will support effective action and enhance member confidence in their ability to safely resume their sport.

Key Public and Occupational Health Recommendations
The key health recommendations to minimise transmission of coronavirus are:
• physical distancing between people (at least 1.5 metres between people and 4 square metres
per person in an indoor environment);
• minimise the use of shared equipment, and disinfecting shared equipment;
• adequate cleaning and disinfecting of environments where people gather;
• people must stay at home if they are unwell with symptoms of COVID-19;
• contact tracing; and
• consideration of vulnerable players.

2020 World Championships – Australian Teams Announcement

2020 World Championships - Australian Teams Announcement
2020 World Championships - Australian Teams Announcement

2020 World Championships – Australian Teams Announcement

For the first time since 1993, Australia will not be sending teams to the 2020 World Eight Ball Championships.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected travel plans in Australia on multiple levels, most relevant in this case with International travel. Although the countdown is on to lifting some of the measures put in place for social distancing and possibly domestic travel, the uncertainty is too great regarding planning International travel for our 40 plus players, Team Managers and travelling companions.

With many first-time representatives across the 6 Australian teams, this decision is very disappointing to us all. But it is of the highest importance that the AEBF declare that the safety of our Members is our number one priority.

Please join us in congratulating once again and acknowledging the great achievements of the following players that made up the 2020 Australian traveling teams.


Australian Men’s Team
Captain – Peter Butterworth
Vice Captain – Paull Clack
Ben Nunan
Sawan Naker
Barry Kitchener Jr
Mandar Ranganekar
Alex Pace
Jayden Domeika
Team Manager – Paul Thorn

Australian Women’s Team
Captain – Sharon Brown
Vice-Captain – Nicole Fielding
Leslie O’Conner
Rachel King
Temple Larkins
Ana C Sarmento
Tracy Butterworth
Sue McCord
Team Manager – Karen Winter

Australian Masters Team
Captain – Adrian Lancaster
Vice Captain – Shane Cripps
Darren Waite
Greg Lawrie
Andy Ripley
Ciaran McCrory
Team Manager – Mandy Snare

Australian Junior Team
Captain – Nikolas Burnett
Vice-Captain – Billy Browne
Joe McClintock
Danyal Porter
Neil J Dimer
Rory Jowett
Team Manager – Chris Jeffery

Australian Under 23 (A) Team
Captain – Hayden Goode
Sam Burnett
Isabella Di Giorgio
Team Manager – Chris Jeffery

Australian Under 23 (B) Team
Captain – Kain Stone
Reece O’Callaghan
Jasely Jean dimer
Team Manager – Chris Jeffery

Statement released on behalf of the AEBF Executive & Development Committees.