Australian Eight Ball Federation

Blog: Australian Eight-Ball Nationals 2001

Dennis Baker (NT Rules & Umpires Director) was today given A Grade status by the Australian AGM.  This is the 5th A Grade level awarded by the Australian body.
Ken Kernich (NT President) was awarded Life Membership of the Australian Body for services rendered to that Federation over the last eighteen years.  This is the third Life Membership in the history of the Federation.  The first being Pam Rowe (SA) and the second Lance Sheen (VIC)

In what may be considered a backward move by some, the AEBF delegates meeting at the AGM have decided to revert to a random draw for first round competition at the 2002 National Championships.  
The random draw was replaced with a system of teams facing up in order of last years results (i.e. 1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8) quite a few years ago.  However as NSW has rarely competed this resulted in the bottom team having a bye on the first day.  Northern Territory put forward a proposal to have the top team draw the bye on the first thereby giving the lower ranked teams at least one match before facing the stronger teams.
The draw for 2002 will be:

Travis Crawley added the Northern Territory to the winners' list at the Australian Championships by defeating South Australia Emile Riera 9-7 in the mens singles final.  Travis won his way through the knockout which began with over 70 entrants playing off best of 11 frames in the opening rounds and culminating in the final over best of 17.

Kenny Southwell from Cairns (a former Northern Territory player) defeated Avelino Defreitas from Western Australia 8-5 to take out the Masters event.
Tanya Aitken (Qld) won the ladies singles crown 8-5 from Victorian Julie McKewn.

The Northern Territory teams fought some close finishes with the mens team drawing against Western Australia in the minor rounds and both teams defeating ACT on the final days play.  Queensland ladies team finished on top of the minor rounds but were defeated by South Australia 13-6 in the final.  The open team final between South Australia and Western Australia went in favour of the southerners 17-12.

In the ladies doubles our pair Beckie Kernich and Kylie Anderson tied for second place after a controversial decision made on the second day saw their match go to South Australia.  The one frame difference in that match would have given them outright second place.  However at the end of the round Victoria played South Australia in the final and won 4-3.  The South Australian men winning 5-2 against Tasmania.