Empire Pool Lounge
20 Rose Street  
Adelaide SA 5000

Queensland defeated Victoria in the Junior Teams

Best of 7     Best of 9     Best of 11  
            Grand Final  
 1.Alex Kingsbury (WA) 4   Winner to Grand Final      1.Alex Kingsbury (WA) 4
 2.Kyle Thomson (QLD) 1          2.Kyle Thomson (QLD) 6
       2.Kyle Thomson (QLD) 5 Winner 10:00AM  
 3.Nathan Miller (ACT) 4 Winner  3.Nathan Miller (ACT) 2      
 4.Stella Kearney (WA) 1            
            Grand Final  
 1.Matt Curwood (VIC) 2   Winner to Grand Final      2.Erik Westerholm (E) 3
 2.Erik Westerholm (E) 4          3.Alex Pace (TAS) 6
       1.Matt Curwood (VIC) 4 Winner 11:30AM  
 3.Alex Pace (TAS) 4 Winner  3.Alex Pace (TAS) 5      
 4.Arthur Lin (VIC) 2            
            Grand Final  
 1.Adam Bleumink (VIC) 2   Winner to Grand Final      2.Vijay Randall (QLD) 6
 2.Vijay Randall (QLD) 4          1.Adam Bleumink (VIC) 3
       1.Adam Bleumink (VIC) 5 Winner 1:00 PM  
 3.Ben Foster (WA) 4 Winner  3.Ben Foster (WA) 2      
 4.Cale Barrett (TAS) 3