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Lauri Sheen 2002

Lauri Sheen AEBF Life Member (inducted 2002)

R.I.P Lauri Sheen 17-04-2023

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Lauri Sheen, Life Member of the Australian Eight Ball Federation. Lauri passed away peacefully on April 17th, 2023.

Our deepest condolences go out to the Sheen family, friends, the eight-ball community, and all those that were touched by her kindness.

Lauri was instrumental in building the framework for the Australian Eight Ball Umpire’s pathway in Australia and its eight states and territories.

Mentor, Assessor, Presenter, and friend, Lauri’s number one priority was always supporting Players, Umpires, Administrators, and Family at the Australian National Eight Ball Championships, plus being readily available for a chat at all times throughout the eight ball year.

R.I.P Lauri Sheen 17-04-2023

On behalf of the Australian Eight Ball Federation Inc committee and members.

Lauri Sheen ~ Funeral Service
Friday 12th May 2023 @1pm

Heritage & Heritage Funerals
733 Boronia Rd, Wantirna VIC 3152

Lauri Sheen AEBF Life Member


1984 Assisted in setting up the administrative side of this body.

1989 Unofficial treasurer for 2 years.

1990 Also got the first Australian Team to New Zealand (bookings, uniforms, finances etc)

1991 Elected Treasurer of the AEBF.

1994 Elected Secretary of the AEBF.

Delegate (with Terry Green WA) for the AEBF at World Eight-ball Pool Federation meeting in Manchester, England.

1995 Put together the AEBF’s Constitution and By-laws and presented to each state/territory and the executive committee and portfolio holders a folder containing all information relevant to the AEBF.

1998 Umpired at World Championships.

2000 Achieved “A” grade Umpire status with the AEBF.

2002 Elected Director of Rules & Umpiring for the AEBF.

2002 Induced as an “AEBF Life Member” by the Australian Eight Ball Federation.

2003 to 2012 Member of the World Eightball Pool Federation Rules & Umpire Committee.

2012 October, Lauri retired from the AEBF

Courtesy – Eastern Districts Pool League.


We are very sad to announce that Lauri Sheen passed away last night, after battling ill health for the past couple of years.

EDPL founding member – EDPL Rego #2

Lauri Sheen played 659 Winter Games, and 119 Summer Games.

She last played EDPL in Winter 2015, but has still been involved with our League over the past few years, continuing to attend annual Tournaments, including the “Lauri Sheen Perpetual Tournament”, & League Presentation Nights.

Lauri was one of a kind, a beautiful lady, who loved a chat and a joke, and was very well known & loved within the Pool playing community.

Lauri’s involvement in EDPL & Pool over the years is immense..

Here is just some of Lauri’s history…


1973 Inception of the Eastern District Pool League [EDPL].

Lauri commenced as an unofficial ‘helping hand’ to her husband Lance who had been elected Treasurer and Statistician of the league.

Within 2 years of ‘just helping out’, Lauri took on all the work involved in the position of EDPL Treasurer.

She also ‘took over’ the keeping of all statistical records of matches, players etc, a big job in itself.

Lauri was responsible for a great many inventive and cost saving ideas and formats, which were resisted for some time, that have proved extremely beneficial to our organization and some are still in place to this day.

1974 Lauri was responsible for the drafting of our EDPL Constitution and By-laws and the Incorporation of our organization with the relevant government body (together with one other).

Although not holding any position in the EDPL at the time, Lauri also carried out the duties of Secretary (other than that of taking Minutes at meetings).

Her knowledge of the rules of our game was immense, as too was her knowledge of the structure, history, ideals and growth of this sport.

1979 Lauri holds the distinction of being the first person to be granted “Life Membership” of the EDPL in October 1979, which back then had a rule of no female members, so speaks for itself of the esteem in which her work was held.

All during this time, she was a non-competitor in this sport, (her great love being netball – another sport in which she was highly regarded for her leadership qualities).

1988 She decided she might as well become a competitor too, going to play for the then new Manhattan Hotel Pool Club. She has achieved several trophies in her career to date.

1988 mid to late year, undertook the massive job of getting the EDPL computerized and the loading of all previous statistical records (14 years worth), this together with learning computers herself for the first time.

1990 Lauri officially became an employee of the Eastern Districts Pool League Inc. on 22nd January 1990.

1994 December, Lauri saw the league grow from a mere 120 players back in 1974 to a figure of 939 in 1994, at which time she resigned from her employment position in the office.

All of this at the same time, holding down a full-time working position, together with being a mother to 3 young children and supportive wife to her husband.

1995 Commenced to compete for the Burvale Hotel Pool Club, going on to become President and Treasurer before returning to her ‘home’ in pool, the Manhattan Pool Club in 2002.

2003 Some problems at Manhattan saw her take on a challenging task as the ‘stand-in’ Treasurer, before becoming the elected Treasurer at the Club’s annual general meeting.

2005 Lauri was inducted into the EDPL inaugural “Hall Of Fame”, along with her husband Lance Sheen the same year.

A prestigious recognition of all their hard work, dedication, & commitment to EDPL over many years, and for their continued involvement with the league, and encouragement to all EDPL members.


1983-1984 A founding member (1 of 3 people)

Was the VEBA Secretary and Treasurer and the Office Administrator until she resigned those positions in 1995.

1987 Became one of 6 people that formed an umpire’s examination (via the EDPL) that went on to become a division of VEBA.

From late 1987 it’s a position she held single-handedly (no one else could be bothered) for a few years until Garry Welsh commenced assisting in 1994.

Was the Victorian nominee for the position of Rules & Umpire Director to the Australian Eight Ball Federation’s (AEBF) development plan of Australian Rules & Umpire Committee.

1984–1994 Was an integral part of all State Championships within Victoria.

1985–2005 Attended all AEBF National Championships (exception being the first in 1985).

1988, 1994 and 1999 Working member of 3 Senior National Championships for Victoria. Providing enough accredited umpires for all of these Championships, as well as Juniors.

1991 Received Life Membership of VEBA.

1996 Holds the most number of accredited umpires within Australia.

2000 Founding member of POOL VICTORIA.

Lauri Sheen

Lauri has received more awards, recognition, and grateful thanks, than any other person (except her husband Lance), involved in this sport, not just within the EDPL, but throughout Victoria, Australia, and overseas, for her unselfish dedication and the enormous workload she has carried out for a great many years.

It is because of Lance and Lauri Sheen, that the EDPL name is known, not just throughout the EDPL but Victoria, Australia, and onto the world scene. Where they have always promoted the EDPL and its ideals, some of which have been adopted by various cue codes throughout the world.

Lauri Sheen AEBF Life Member (inducted 2002)