Aebf Logo Web 200Below are people who have been awarded Life Membership of the Australian Eight-Ball Federation - The AEBF and States / Territories thank them for their involvement with the AEBF and 8 Ball at all levels of the sport.

  • Pam Rowe 1991
  • Lance Sheen 1996
  • Ken Kernich 2001
  • Lauri Sheen 2002
  • Terry Green 2003
  • Joe Fanto 2006
  • Andrew Saltmarsh 2007
  • Doug Percy 2008
  • Warren Ross 2011
  • Cheryl Congram 2016

Aebf Life Pam Rowe 1991Pam Rowe 1991

Lance Sheen AEBF Life Member 1996

Lance Sheen AEBF Life Member (inducted 1996)

It is with great sadness to announce the passing of one of our original founders and pioneers of Eight Ball in Australia - Lance Sheen who passed away after a long battle with ill health on Sunday morning 13th September 2020.

Our deepest condolences go out to his wife Lauri Sheen and family of Australian Eight Ball Federation Life Member, who was instrumental in shaping eight ball in Australia as it is today. Being involved on so many levels of administration over the years, he was truly a shining light in Australian Eight Ball, and worked on the National and State committees for many years.

Over the coming days, the AEBF will honour this amazing, dedicated and passionate man, and we invite the community to share their stories and memories of Lance.

R.I.P Lance Sheen 13-09-2020

Travis Crawley
On Behalf of the Australian Eight Ball Federation Inc.

Aebf Life Ken Kernich 2001Ken Kernich 2001

Aebf Life Lauri Sheen 2002Lauri Sheen 2002

Aebf Life Terry Green 2003Terry Green 2003

Aebf Life Joe Fanto 2006Joe Fanto 2006

Aebf Life Andrew Saltmarsh 2007Andrew Saltmarsh 2007

Aebf Life Doug Percy 2008

Doug Percy

former Vice President

Elected Life Member of the AEBF in 2008

Aebf Life Warren Ross 2011

 Warren Ross Life Member 2011

Aebf Life Cheryl Congram 2016Cheryl Congram 2016