Australian Eight Ball Federation

ACT Junior Team 2011

ACT Junior Team 2011


Under 12: Reece Norton 

Under 12: Nathan Miller

Under 15: Aaron Billington

Under 15: Alex Parker

Under 18: Justin Finney

Under 18: CJ Maleganeas – Vice Captain

Under 18: Benny Maleganeas – Captain


QLD Junior Team 2011

QLD Junior Team 2011


Under 12: Hayden Goode

Under 12: Nikolas Burnett

Under 15: Vijay Randall

Under 15: Sam West

Under 18: Jared Jensen – Vice Captain

Under 18: Matthew Gartrell

Under 18: Liam Butler – Captain


VIC Junior Team 2011

VIC Junior Team 2011


Under 12: Levi Howie

Under 12: Isabella DiGiorgio

Under 15: Matt Curwood – Vice Captain

Under 15: Joshua McLean

Under 18: Nick Young – Captain

Under 18: Ryan Thomerson

Under 18: Jordan Butler


2011 Junior 8 Ball Junior Teams

Australian Junior Eight Ball Championships 2011
Tracey Village – Darwin – NT (16th-22nd January)
  Under 12 Under 15 Under 18 Manager
ACT Nathan Miller  Alex Parker  Benny Maleganeas   
  Reece Norton  Aaron Billington  Cj Maleganeas   
      Justin Finney   
NSW Phoenix Smith (NSW) Yamalirri Banu (nt) Dayne Van Kempen (au)  
singles Chris Pym (nt) Luke Evans (nt) Den Cook (nt)  
  Blake Milnes (nt)   Clint Wood (nt)  
NT Ethan Beatie  Corey Van Jaarsveldt  Todd Robe   
  Michael Shepheard  Jack Richter  Liam Thompson   
      Richard Lofthouse   
QLD Hayden Goode Vijay Randall Matthew Gartrell  Greg Dingle
  Nickolas Burnett Sam West Jared Jensen   
      Liam Butler   
SA Wilson Bindi  Jordan Mitchell  Kristen Long   
  Tiegan Hulley  Zachary Church  Michael Cacciola   
      Ian Hinton   
TAS Brodie Stubbs  Cale Barrett  Blake Marshall   
  . Jacob Marshall  Steven Kaine   
      Max Crosswell   
VIC Isabella DiGiorgio  Matt Curwood  Nick Young   
  Levi Howie  Joshua McLean  Ryan Thomerson   
      Jordan Butler   
WA Stella Kearney  Jarrad Nagtegaal  Luke Foster   
  Georgia Read  Mikey Read  Jason Hawker   
      Luke Anglessey   


2011 Junior Nationals Itinerary


Dates for the Australian Junior Championships have been set at 15th to 22nd January 2011 inclusive and will be held at Tracey Village Sports Club in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Tracy Village Social & Sports ClubTracy Village Social & Sports
28 Tambling Terrace
Cnr. Tambling Tce & Henbury Avenue
Wanguri – Darwin
Darwin Northern Territory 0810
(08) 8980 4777

altJunior 8 Ball Playing Schedule 2011


Infocus NT Pty Ltd
shop 3, Anula Shopping Centre,
55 Yanyula Drive, Anula, DARWIN, NT 0812
Phone: 08 8945 4444 Mobile: 0408 411 210

Managers and Players

    Please find attached Drug Testing, Behaviour consent forms and Pictures consent form for Juniors competing at this year’s Junior Championships

    These forms must be handed in to Heather Zappia at the Team Managers meeting prior to the Championships starting and if forms are not returned then the player/s concerned will not be able to play until the form is received


2011 Under 12 Finals 1st Hayden Goode


1: Brodie Stubbs (TAS) 4        
2: Hayden Goode (QLD) 0     GRAND FINAL  
      Hayden Goode (QLD) 5 Brodie Stubbs (TAS) 2
      v   v  
      Ethan Beatie (NT) 2 Hayden Goode (QLD) 6
3: Ethan Beatie (NT) 4        
4: Michael Shepheard (NT) 1        

2011 Under 15 Finals 1st Vijay Randall


1: Cale Barrett (TAS) 1        
2: Vijay Randall (QLD) 4        
      Cale Barrett (TAS) 5 GRAND FINAL  
      v   Vijay Randall (QLD) 6
      Matt Curwood (VIC) 1 v  
          Cale Barrett (TAS) 5
3: Jacob Marshall (TAS) 3        
4: Matt Curwood (VIC) 4        

2011 Under 18 Final 1st Luke Foster













1: Luke Foster (WA)   Best of SEVEN   GRAND FINAL  
  v   Luke Foster (WA) 4 Luke Foster (WA) 6
  Bye   V   v  
  Best of FIVE   Dayne Van Kempen (AU) 2 Dayne Van Kempen (AU) 4
2: Jason Hawker (WA) 1        
3: Dayne Van Kempen (AU) 3 Jason Hawker (WA) 4    
      V   SEMI FINAL  
4: Matthew Gartrell (QLD) 3 Matthew Gartrell (QLD) 1 Dayne Van Kempen (AU) 5
  v       v  
5: Jared Jensen (QLD) 1     Jason Hawker (WA) 2

2011 Junior Round Up


Australian Junior Team Manager: Shane

Australian Team Selected to Travel to England: Luke Foster (WA), Jason Hawker (WA), Dayne Van Kempen (AU), Matthew Gartrell (QLD), Jared Jensen (QLD), Luke Anglessey (WA)

Teams Shield: Tasmania (winner of grand final) Tasmania defeated Queensland in the Australian Junior Eight Ball Team Final.

Team Round Robin Trophy: Queensland (most frames won after teams round robin)

Under 18 Grand Final: Luke Foster WA defeated Dayne Van Kempan QLD

Under 15 Grand Final: Vijay Randal QLD defeated Cale Barrett TAS

Under 12 Grand Final: Hayden Goode QLD defeated Brodie Stubbs TAS

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