Australian Eight Ball Federation

Block Warning

read by Hayden
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The AEBF Block Warning.

1.  No Coaching of a Player is permitted during a frame.

2.  No Food or Drink is allowed over the table.

3.  Should a Dispute arise during the frame the Player must ask for the Head Adjudicator BEFORE THE NEXT SHOT IS PLAYED. Team Managers, other Squad Members and Spectators are not permitted to enter the Playing Area, unless requested to do so by the Head Adjudicator.

4.  Players must retire to a neutral position upon finishing their visit to the table.

5.  Time outs will only be granted at the Umpires Good Judgement.

6.  No Photographs are to be taken with flash attachments, whilst ANY play is in progress. Offenders will have their cameras impounded until the conclusion of the National Championships.

7.  Mobile Phones must be turned to VIBERATE or OFF; whilst in the playing venue. Players MUST NOT take Mobile Phones into the playing area. Players and/or spectators found breaching this restriction will be asked to leave the playing venue.

aebf dress code

AEBF Dress Code

  1. Dress Codes

11.1 The Host State is responsible for ensuring that signage is erected at the Australian
Championships outlining dress requirements.
Spectators: – “NO”:

  • Thongs.
  • Singlets.
  • Tattered or Dirty Clothing.
  • Shorts (Except dress shorts and long socks).

11.3 Players and Officials:

  • Males: Slacks, Shirt and Shoes.
  • Females: Slacks or Skirt, Shirt or Blouse and Shoes.
  • Players must wear full State uniform at all times when competing.

11.4 Definitions:

  • Slacks: Does not include jeans, leggings and tracksuits etc.
  • Shoes: Does not include Running Shoes, Sandals and Moccasins etc.

11.5 Any player not in their correct State/Territory uniform is to be omitted from the Opening

11.6 State/Territory Uniforms:
Each State/Territory uniform will consist of the following predominate colours, any future
changes must be authorised at an AGM prior to a change being made.

A.C.T Royal Blue with gold.
S.A Red with dark blue and yellow.
N.T. Ochre with black and white.
QLD. Maroon with Gold
N.S.W Light Blue with Navy Blue.
TAS Green with gold and red.
VIC Navy with white.
W.A Black with gold and white.
Each State/Territory must have the current sponsor’s logo/s on their Playing Shirt for
Australian Championships.

Australian Eight Ball Federation – By-Laws – Updated 8th May 2021