Australian Eight Ball Federation

Skill Sets: RED

These skill sets are to evaluate your potting skills, shot selection, cue ball control, positional play and problem solving.

The goal is to pott all the red balls followed by the eight ball in order without missing.

Each RED ball has a value of 1 point and the eight ball 1 point or 3 pts if no misses.

AEBF NCAS Coach Accreditation Training Program

There are 6 basic steps at attain your 8 Ball Coaching Accreditation.

  • 1: AEBF – AEBF Member over 18 years of age

be a registered member of an affiliated State or Territory

  • 2: AEBF – Coach’s Code of Conduct

agree to and sign the Code of Conduct

  • 3: ASC   – Level I Beginning Coaching Principles (8 hours)

complete the ASC Beginning Coaching Principles online or onsite

  • 4: AEBF – Level I Coach Activity Sheet (20 hours)

maintain a diary of all pupils coached

  • 5: AEBF – Level I Eight Ball Training Program Course  (8 hours)

complete the AEBF Training Program online or onsite

  • 6: AEBF – Eight Ball Coach Accreditation Fee $220

pay the applicable fee


More details are found on the AEBF Coaches website

Eight Ball World Rules

There are a number of changes within the playing rules of the World Eightball Pool Federation which take place from January 2015.

World Eight Ball Rules: Playing Rules
World Eight Ball Rules: Guidance for Umpires
World Eight Ball Rules: Calling Procedures
World Eight Ball Rules:  Lag for the Break
World Eight Ball Rules: Snooker Diagrams
World Eight Ball Rules: Umpires Equipment
World Eight Ball Rules: Accrediated Umpires

The current versions can be found on the AEBF Umpires website