Australian Eight Ball Federation

2022 nationals schedule

2022 Nationals Schedule

Here is the draw for all the Mens, Womens & Masters teams plus table allocation.
Plus state and territory draws.

The Elizabeth Room is downstairs.
The Townsend Room is upstairs.

Tables 1 & 2, 3 & 4 are Cueball TV tables.

Hi all,

All the tournament draws have now been opened on PoolStat and posted on Facebook by Travis Crawley.

Full Disclosure:

All singles and doubles events were prepared and drawn by the Tournament Director Mark McAleer.

The teams draws were based on Victoria finishing 1st and South Australia finishing 2nd in the 2019 Mens Teams final then the order after that was as per the draw at the 2019 AGM.

Travis Crawley prepared the draft draw for all three divisions and it was accepted by Mark McAleer.

The Aus Cup teams draw was done by Mark McAleer. (Standard round robin)

The Groups for 6-Red challenge will be finalized by Travis Crawley on Wednesday and given to Mark McAleer for approval.

This event will not be run through PoolStat.

It will be done via sheets for 2022.

The seedings for the Australian Singles and AEBF Plates were based on current Australian rankings.

All defending champions were awarded #1 seeding and then the next 31 ranked players were awarded the next 31 seeds.

(Next 15 for Womens & Masters)

Note: State Champions no longer receive automatic seedings. (Per bylaw)

The seedings for the Australian Doubles were based on both players current Australian ranking and then averaged out.

Seeding bonuses were awarded to players (where applicable) holding high rankings in other divisions (mens / masters)

If anybody has any questions regarding any of the above mentioned, please bring it up at the delegates meeting on Wednesday night.