To all the Aussies who have just arrived in Morocco to represent Australia for the 2023 World Eight Ball Pool Championships.
Congratulations and good luck to you all!!
Here’s some information for those who would like to keep up-to-date.
July 2nd-12th
1- As of July the 2nd you will be able to watch 10 days of Main Arena match coverage on the Ultimate Pool App,
(if you have an Ultimate Pool subscription, you will already have access to these streams)
For those who haven’t signed up, you have two options available.
-Sign up now using code WEPF50 to get a whole year for £50, or -Use code WEPF5 to get your first month for just £5.
2- Live scoring, draw and result updates
are available on the WEPF – World Eightball Pool Federation website.
3-The team managers and players will be doing their best to stream as many of their matches that aren’t on the Arena Tables.
These live streams can be found on the AEBF Live streaming page
Please note… These players are representing Australia 🇦🇺 over there as you all will be in the comments on the live streams.
Lets keep the comments clean and respectful please, or you will no longer be able to comment..
Thank you to everyone involved in the organizing behind the scenes.
Lastly, to all the Aussies, good luck and enjoy you have our full support!!

2023 World Eight Ball Pool Championships