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Dan Lynch CueBall TV


Good Afternoon Australia,

We are delighted to confirm that CueBall TV will be live-streaming the 2023 Australian Championships from the Commercial Club Albury.

Dan Lynch & Cueball.TV are pioneers in the world of cue-sports live streaming and have continuously provided innovative ways to broadcast our sport around the country and the world.

The 2023 addition will see some changes in how the ‘show tables’ are covered in the Townsend Room.

* Two tables in the arena.

* Custom lights over each table.

* Overhead camera shot.

* Fixed camera from triangle end.

* A live scoring TV screen.

* A dedicated drinks server for each team.

(Note: one of the above is not true 🤣)


We will kick off the live streaming matches will be an absolute cracker!!!

It’s the 2022 Men’s Grand Final replay!

Rd 1 – MENS: SA -v- WA 🤩

Followed by two stupidly strong Masters teams!

Rd 2 – MASTERS: TAS -v- SA 🤩

Then the powerhouse ACT Women host the rejuvenated NSW Blues!

Rd 3 – WOMENS: ACT -v- NSW 🤩

The Australia Cup Teams & Australia Cup singles will be played exclusive in the Stanley Room on the traditional 7-Foot AEBF tables.

CueBall.TV will be live streaming two dedicated tables from that room for the duration of The Australia Cup.

All Australia Cup finals matches will be played in the Townsend Room on Supreme Tables.

The AEBF along with NSW 8-Ball would like to thank Dan Lynch for all his hard work in the lead up to this year’s championships and we look forward to our great game once again being broadcast across the globe for everyone’s enjoyment.

Travis Crawley

AEBF President