Vote – WEPF adopt the Supreme Rules

WEPF adopt The Supreme Rules

The WEPF AGM – 15th August 2020 – 10.00am (UK).

31.     Proposed     WEPF Executive             Seconded
The WEPF are to adopt and promote an new set of Rules known as The Supreme Rules (copy of the rules attached), The rule change will come into effect in 2022 ready for WEPF World Championships.
As part of the proposal the 2022 WEPF World Championships will be awarded to England and held in The Isle of Man.
Members also have the right to bring this date forward for the rule change to the 2021 World Championships should they feel it is advantageous to do so.

The WEPF is currently in a contract with Alitus Services Limited and the WEPF received a sum of money relating to the 1st year of the contract associated with the World Championships 2020. These will of course not take place however the Sponsor has been kind enough for the money to be utilised predominantly for the 2021 World Championships in Birmingham.
The contract has a second phase to it that relates to the second year of World Championships, this will now relate to the 2022 World Championships.
The conditions required for the second phase of the contract that will provide Sponsorship funds of £100,000 are as follows:-
1 The 2022 World Championships are to be held in the Isle of Man.
2 The rule change to come into effect by 2022. (copy of the rules attached)
Furthermore an additional £20,000 contribution will be added to the Sponsorship for 2022, this is solely to help with funding of travel, mainly for the Southern hemisphere Countries attending.
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